School Nurse

Lawrence Family Development Charter School is currently looking for a professional, skilled School Nurse to provide professional health services and coordinate the resources of the school, home, and community as they pertain to the total health of students. The School Nurse will recommend health policies and curriculum to administrators and assist in supporting students' overall health. RESPONSIBILITIES: Assess and evaluate students' health and the

Extended Day Program Director

The Extended Day Program Director (EDP) position was established for the purpose of helping students develop and strengthen academic skills, social, emotional, mental health and physical fitness. The EDP Director will be responsible for envisioning and creating programs and activities that fulfill the above stated purpose including organizing and scheduling tutoring, sports and other recreational activities. The Director will be responsible for hiring and supervi

Spanish Teacher

LFDCS is committed to the development and implementation of effective practices to support language acquisition and academic fluency in English and Spanish for all students. Dual-language fluency—building on the first language of Spanish while supporting proficiency in English—utilizes best practices to meet our priority funding goal. Responsibilities: Teach students to read and write in Spanish. Provide the instructional program for stu

Instructional Designer

The instructional designer is responsible for the design and development of eLearning modules and courses. The primary project is to convert the current classroom-based instructional materials into an eLearning format using course authoring and graphic design tools. Specifically, the responsibilities will be to: Define and document learning needs and objectives in conjunction with subject matter experts Review existing content and work collaboratively with subject

Classroom Teacher

The classroom teacher is responsible for delivering the instructional program approved by the school and for carrying out all planning, supervision, and assessment of students in accord with the school’s mission, policies and practices. RESPONSIBILITIES: Provide the instructional program for all students to reflect content and standards for the LFDCS standards and benchmarks and aligned with the Massachusetts Common Core.  Use technology for remote learn

Special Education Director

The Director of Special Education is responsible for oversight and compliance of all components of the special education program. This includes oversight of all student records and ensuring timelines and services are in full compliance, hiring and supervision of staff, ensuring certification of teachers and managing appropriate trainings and schedules that fully support students' IEP requirements. The Director of Special Education follows state and federal requirements for access and e

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