Breastfeeding Peer Counselor


The WIC Department is seeking two part-time Breastfeeding Peer Counselors. Candidate provides education to new clients about benefits of breastfeeding.


  1. Provides assistance to breastfeeding women with special problems/concerns

  2. Provides breastfeeding education and support to all women participants, when possible.

  3. Provides technical assistance and consultation regarding breastfeeding issues to local agency WIC staff and other health professionals.

  4. Maintains an inventory of current breastfeeding resources and education materials.

  5. Evaluates appropriateness of breastfeeding-related pamphlets/fact sheets and audiovisuals for use in the Missouri WIC program.

  6. Performs other duties related to breastfeeding and education and promotion activities as assigned by local agency.

  7. Keep up to date on breastfeeding issues.

  8. Makes follow up calls for potential breastfeeding women.

  9. Provides support and education for breastfeeding women.

  10. Educates prenatal women on the benefits and advantages of breastfeeding by conducting or participating in group sessions.

  11. Accurately records all contacts (groups and individuals) in a timely manner and using designated form(s).

  12. Submits time reports each month to appropriate person.

  13. Keeps participants information confidential at all times.

  14. Participates in on-going training, as offered.

  15. Refers women breastfeeding coordinator, nutritionist or physician for problems beyond her scope of training.

  16. Completes twenty (20) hours of breastfeeding training classes before assumption of duties.

  17. Must complete Patient Safety Training curriculum.


  1. High School diploma or GED

  2. Breastfed child for at least six months.

  3. Good communication and organization skills.

  4. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relations with WIC team members and other health and social service personnel.