Community Health Worker


The Community Health Worker-Medical provides a variety of direct services to Swope Health patients including aiding communication between providers and patients, increasing access to primary care through culturally competent outreach and enrollment strategies, advocating for the needs of the individual and community, and promoting wellness by providing health coaching and support the patient to build capacity to achieve wellness. 


  1. Explain the purposes and services of a program to the user population and the impact that program or service strives to accomplish.

  2. Assist with the development and implementation of health management/care plans with the patient and care team members (nurses, providers, social worker, Behavioral Health Consultant).

  3. Providing individual assistance to persons in accessing needed health services including behavioral health including accompanying individuals to appointments to address medical or other health needs.

  4. Using standardized tools to assess the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) that may pose barriers to patients/clients accessing healthcare services and/or managing chronic illnesses.

  5. Assisting the person/family to access and utilize a variety of community agencies and resources to provide ongoing social, educational, vocational and recreational support and activities to address SDOH barriers.

  6. Coach patients in effective management of their chronic health conditions.

  7. Maintain contact with individuals who are hospitalized and participate and/or facilitate discharge planning such as scheduling follow up appointments, establishing a Primary care home , assisting with transport, connecting with community resources etc.

  8. Assist patients in utilizing resources, including scheduling appointments, and assisting with completion of applications for programs for which they may be eligible.

  9. Act as the patient's primary contact point with Swope Health

  10. Act as a liaison between the patient and other agencies when necessary

  11. Work collaboratively and effectively within a team

  12. Travels extensively throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area

  13. Establish positive, supportive relationships with patients and provide feedback

  14. Initiates other reports and records as required.

  15. Facilitate communication and coordinate services between providers

  16. Motivate clients to be active, engaged participants in their health

  17. Effectively work with people (staff, patients, doctors, agencies, etc.) from diverse backgrounds in reducing cultural and socio-economic barriers between clients and institutions

  18. Build and maintain positive working relationships with the clients, providers, nurse care managers, agency representatives, supervisors, and office staff.

  19. Continuously expand knowledge and understanding of community resources, series and programs provided; human relations and the procedures used in dealing with the public as part of a service or program; volunteer resources and the practices associated with using volunteers, operation, functions, policies and procedures associated with the department or program area, procedures and resources available to handle new, unusual of different situations

  20. Create and maintain a library of above resources for other SHS staff to utilize

  21. Identify and apply appropriate role definition and skilled boundaries.

  22. Performs other duties as assigned.

  23. Using standardized tools assess the Social Determinants of Health that may pose barriers to patients/clients accessing healthcare services and/or managing chronic illnesses.


  1. High school diploma or GED equivalent.

  2. Patience and ability to establish rapport with this population.

  3. Flexible schedule and transportation.

  4. Knowledgeable about diverse clientele.

  5. Ability to write clearly and distinctly.

  6. Knowledgeable about community resources.

  7. Must have current, valid driver's license, transportation and appropriate automobile insurance and be able to drive extensively.

  8. Community Health Worker certification required.